Ten excellent reasons to become a Member of The Local

Podziel się swoimi doświadczeniami z poszukiwania pracy w charakterze Opiekunki osób starszych. Na co zwrócić uwagę, o co pytać, gdzie szukać ofert?

Ten excellent reasons to become a Member of The Local

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After a decade of being completely free, we are asking loyal readers of The Local to become paying Members. But why are we doing this? In the time-honoured tradition of The Local, co-founder James Savage gives ten reasons.
1. Because good journalism needs resources
You might have noticed that The Local is not the only publication asking for readers to become Members, or to buy online subscriptions. Publications from the New York Times to small local newspapers in Germany are asking their readers to pay, because employing journalists and all the other staff it takes to run a paper or news website is expensive. We only ever employ professional, bilingual journalists, who understand Germany well – and naturally we pay them competitive salaries.
2. Because you'll help the world get a fair picture of Germany
A participant at this year's Karneval in Osnabrück dressed as Superman. Or possibly as the President of the United States. Photo: DPA.
By helping The Local maintain and expand its journalism, you will also have an impact on the way Germany is perceived internationally.
We know from experience that what we write in The Local influences the perception of Germany in media around the world.
The refugee crisis has led to Germany being used as a political pawn by politicians across the world, but how is the country really coping? We put all sides of the argument, and make sure that facts win through.
3. Because advertising revenues are fickle
You'll notice that many brilliant brands advertise with us, and we're proud that they choose The Local to help build their businesses. But here's the thing: what the 14 years of running The Local have taught us is that the world of advertising is a fickle beast. It's sensitive to downturns in the economy and changes in technology, and the big platforms like Facebook and Google are taking an ever bigger chunk of the cake. To be confident that we can provide the depth and level of insight that German news deserves, we need to earn money from other sources too.
Become a Member of The Local here today
4. Because if you're paying, we work for you
As journalists, we are driven by giving you, our readers, the information that really matters. But we're also a business, and like any business we have to take account of the views of the people who pay our salaries. Join us as a Member, and you will be helping to pay our salaries. That means we can create The Local that you want to read.

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