Final days to apply for Startup Battlefield Australia

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Final days to apply for Startup Battlefield Australia

Postprzez sarahjack123 » Pn, 11 wrz 2017, 13:54

What could you do in the next three days to change your startup’s trajectory? Apply to Startup Battlefield Australia! Taking an hour today to apply could result in $25,000 AUD to extend your startup’s runway, an all-expense paid trip to TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2018, pitch training that will leave investors asking for more, global media exposure across TechCrunch’s channels and a warm welcome into the Startup Battlefield Alumni Community.
Who are the alumni? At the time of application, they were early-stage founders — just like you. The Startup Battlefield has been bringing world-class founders into the spotlight since 2007, and in the past decade almost 700 contestants have gone on to raise nearly $7 billion in funding and rack up nearly 100 exits and IPOs. Our community of Battlefield Alumni include companies like Dropbox, Yammer, Cloudflare, Getaround, Fitbit, and Trello — acquired by Australia’s own, Atlassian.

Will you join us? On November 16, 2017, at Startup Battlefield Australia, 15 startups will compete in front of tech’s brightest investors and entrepreneurs for a $25,000 AUD cash prize and an all-expense paid trip for two to San Francisco to join TechCrunch Disrupt San Francisco 2018 — including the opportunity to exhibit as well as join that Battlefield contest at Disrupt SF, assuming the winner still qualifies as early stage. If you end up growing up fast, like many of the Battlefield Alumni who’ve come before you, then we won’t hold it against you, and you’ll still be able to exhibit.

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