used a combination of brute force and soft hands to score

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used a combination of brute force and soft hands to score

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The Magical Misery Tour continues.

After 5 1 and 4 1 losses in Dallas and Chicago, which came on the heels of 5 0 and 5 0 losses at home, the free falling Edmonton Oilers continue their search for answers Tuesday in Nashville.

As hope for making the playoffs fades, and fans begin calling for heads to roll at the coaching and management levels, the most disappointing team in the league remains at a loss to understand why everything is going so horribly wrong.

“I don’t think the last few games were a lack of effort, just some minor mistakes leading to goals against and we haven’t been able to find the back of the net either,” said winger Milan Lucic, who’s trying to wrap his head around how the Oilers have been outscored 20 3 in their last five starts.
“The only game we’ve won after the Christmas break was 2 1 in a shootout and in six of the last seven games we’ve given up at least four goals.
“That’s not a shot at Cam Talbot , that’s us not getting it done and checking correctly.”

Maybe what the Oilers need is an inspirational pep talk from Oprah because much of what seems to be ailing them is between the ears.

The mood swings on this team have been a psychological case study all season, and nowhere is that more evident than the wilting offence.

In their last five games they have three goals.

In the five game segment before that they had 18.

In the five game segment before that they were shut out twice, but also scored six against Carey Price and seven against Sergei Bobrovsky.

In the five game segment before that they had 20.

On the road their penalty killing is fourth best in the league. At home it is the worst in NHL history.
None of this makes any sense, but it does point to a team that lacks mental toughness. It was easy to be a front runner last year when things were going their way and everyone was posting career bests and their goalie was a world beater.

Now, something goes a little sideways and they fold.

“I don’t think anyone here is happy with the recent stretch,” said defenceman Darnell Nurse. “It comes down to us on the ice executing what we draw up on the board and it comes down to us out competing other teams and that’s not what we’re doing right now. We have to fix it.”

On most struggling teams it comes down to the best players underperforming and that is clearly the case in Edmonton.

Their top players are the ones who are supposed to be leading them out of this mess, but they are consistently being outplayed by the opposition’s top six.

Connor McDavid has been flying out there, but he has no goals in seven games.

Lucic has no goals in seven games.

Patrick Maroon is shadow of the player who used a combination of brute force and soft hands to score 27 last year.

After finishing eight in NHL scoring last season, Leon Draisaitl is 56th this year and goes games at a time without making a difference out there.

Jesse Puljujarvi gets some slack because he’s a rookie, but if you’re in a top six role you are expected to produce and he’s been held off the score sheet in eight of his last 10 games.

Power play triggerman Mark Letestu doesn’t have a point in nine games and whatever happened to Zack Kassian?

If they were playing the way they supposed to be playing, the season wouldn’t be going down the sewer.

“Obviously frustrating, a lot of us are kind of looking around for answers,” said Ryan Strome, whose seven goals, the last of which came seven games ago, are half of what Jordan Eberle has with the New York Islanders.

“I think the answers are in our work ethic, that’s what we have to hang our hat on. As frustrating as it can be, there are a lot of games left, we can still rally. There is still a lot of pride in this group.”

What will it take to shake off all the negative energy around this team?

“It starts with a couple of shifts, then a full period, then a couple of periods, then a game Ryan Strome Jersey,” said Kassian. “That’s how you build momentum.
“If you’re looking for excuses that’s normally when you’re not working hard enough. When you’re working hard and things are happening you tend to get bounces. We’re not getting bounces right now.”
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