Having Dim screen on my Acer Laptop... Need Help...!!

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Having Dim screen on my Acer Laptop... Need Help...!!

Postprzez sharonmatthew » Pn, 23 kwi 2018, 10:58

Hey there, this is Maiya. I am new to this forum. I dont know if i am posting this in right forum or not but i am facing a rather unique issue. Actually my acer laptop display showing dim screen. I have checked everthing from checking hardware to software issue but there is no fault. I was thinking of calling Acer Customer Service but then thought of asking in this forum. Also, i have checked everything in control panel but there is no issue with it either. The same problem was faced by one of my friend with his Asus laptop but he overcame it by asking on Asus Customer Service , since they solve his issue in a easy manner.
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