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Acer has quickly become one of the world's largest manufacturers of personal computers. This is especially impressive since the company does not have a history of producing PCs that goes back as far as some of their competition. HP and Toshiba have each been producing computers for the patron marketplace for for much longer than Acer. the primary computer factory-made by Acer that actually created a dent within the market was the aim computer that was introduced in 1995.

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n 1997 Acer purchased the mobile computer division from Texas Instruments. That purchase jump-started their presence within the portable computer market. Also, Acer dilated its lineup of notebooks by utilizing the new transmission processor created by Intel in 1998. They offered two new models that featured the 150 MHz Pentium MMX chip. The high-end unit was the AcerNote Light 386 which included a 2 GB hard drive, 32 MB of RAM and a CD-ROM. That unit was price at just shy of $3500.
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